Robbie Williams features in latest Nikon campaign

Nikon has launched a new pan-European advertising campaign which has the seal of approval from global popstar, Robbie Williams. The I AM NIKON TV campaign premieres in the UK over the Easter weekend from 2nd – 5th April 2010 on ITV, Channel Four and Channel Five. The ‘I AM Nikon’ campaign and features the latest range of Nikon COOLPIX cameras and are aimed at bringing Nikon’s rich heritage of professionalism and innovation to a wider audience of aspiring photographers.

Various pop culture and historic moments are referenced in the spot, including a scene depicting a baby’s real first steps similar to the historic first walk on the Moon. Both momentous steps are of equal importance and worth preserving. In another part of the campaign, Robbie Williams turns the camera on his crowd of fans during a concert, alongside the statement ‘I AM Alive’.


The campaign plays on Nikon’s existing tagline “At the heart of the image” by taking a behind-the-scenes look at what this statement means to its customers, asking the audience: “Who are you with Nikon?” The result is a range of real-life scenes in which people from all over Europe show their response to this question. The advertising campaign was shot in South Africa, Egypt, Spain and Germany.


Additional scenes in the campaign include ‘I AM Snow White’, for which a real-life Spanish bride allowed her final pre-wedding preparations to be filmed, ‘I AM Here’, showing holidaymakers exploring the Egyptian pyramids, and ‘I AM Part of the World’, featuring people from across the globe interacting with each other using the internet and their Nikon cameras.


US artist Benjamin Cooper provides the soundtrack to the campaign, with a song called ‘Welcome Home’.


Commenting on the campaign, Birgitta Olson, General Manager of Marketing Communications said: “We feel that this campaign really gets to the core of what it means to be a Nikon photographer. By using real people in real situations – regardless of photography experience, ethnicity, circumstances or geography – we hope to remind our audience that they are at the heart of the image.”


Olson continued: “We hope the ‘I AM’ campaign will inspire our customers and help to extend the legacy of the Nikon brand to a wider audience – regardless of their photography experience.”
Look out for the campaign, which will run throughout Europe across television, cinema, print and digital media. For more information, go to www.iamnikon.co.uk.