Nikon introduces new super telephoto lens and teleconverter

Nikon UK today announces a new super telephoto lens, the AF-S NIKKOR 300MM F/2.8G ED VR II and the new AF-S TELECONVERTER TC-20E III.

Raising the bar for hand held telephoto photography

The new telephoto lens features the new generation of Vibration Reduction technology (VR II) and a new A/M focus mode, making it an ideal choice for serious sports, action and wildlife photographers.

The evolution of the AF-S NIKKOR 300MM F/2.8G ED VR II NIKKOR lens reflects a commitment to developing a range of products tailored to photographers’ needs, and strengthens the line-up of high-performance NIKKOR lenses.

Sharper action images
The AF-S NIKKOR 300MM F/2.8G ED VR II features second generation built-in Vibration Reduction (VRII), providing the ability to shoot at shutter speeds up to four stops slower so sharper images can be achieved when using the camera for hand-held shooting. In addition, the new A/M mode added to existing M/A and M modes enables autofocus priority even if the focus ring is being handled during shooting. Weighing in at 2,900g this is a lens that ticks every box for those who are serious about action photography.

Built for any environment
This super telephoto lens is designed with the photographer in mind and has the same excellent optical system as its predecessor. Those who need extreme speed and quiet to capture wildlife, can rely on the autofocus with a built-in silent wave motor to ensure you won’t disrupt the action. To top off the extensive features, this lens is also sealed to withstand the affects of dust and moisture, allowing photographers to keep shooting whatever the conditions. Finally, the lens construction features eleven elements in eight groups, including three ED glass elements and Nano Crystal Coat.

Class leading image quality for NIKKOR telephoto lenses

The new AF-S TELECONVERTER TC-20E III, is the world’s first teleconverter with an aspherical lens element. With a completely new optical design, the compact new teleconverter offers class leading image quality for wildlife and sports photography.

World’s first teleconverter with aspherical lens element
The AF-S TELECONVERTER TC-20E III is the world’s first teleconverter with an aspherical lens element, which delivers brilliant image quality in a compact package. Completely compatible with the latest VR, autofocus and metering coupling systems, the AF-S TELECONVERTER TC-20E III is a ‘must have’ addition to any sports or wildlife photographer’s kit.

Built for professional demands
The new AF-S TELECONVERTER TC-20E III is designed to provide a seamless fit with the NIKKOR range of compatible telephoto lenses, and features rubber seals for body mount, tough release mechanism for intensive use and an oversized button for fast removal with gloved hands.

About teleconverters
Teleconverters are attached between the camera body and telephoto lens to multiply focal length without affecting closest focusing distance. This magnification factor comes at the cost of reduced light transmission which reduces the effective minimum aperture of the lens in use. The AF-S TELECONVERTER TC-20E III reduces aperture by two stops. So when attached to an f/2 aperture lens (such as the AF-S VR 200mm f/2G) the minimum aperture becomes f/4.

Both products will be on sale from 29th January 2010