Nikon Introduces Capture NX 2

Nikon UK is pleased to announce the introduction of its new revolutionary image-editing software, Capture NX 2, an upgrade to the award winning Capture NX that was introduced in 2006. The new software’s intuitive operation is intended for all photographers looking to achieve quick and effective image enhancement with an easy to use package.

In addition to the acclaimed Colour Control Point, the new version offers Selection Control Point, enabling users to apply enhancements such as Unsharp Mask and D-Lighting to a specific area that are immediately viewable on the monitor. Using the Auto Retouch Brush, one can simply apply mouse strokes to clear away specks that appear on the image (caused by dust when an image is shot). To fill a traced area, the software detects and applies the most appropriate portion to deliver the most natural image. Workspaces based on assumed workflow and improved an Edit List further enhance efficient operation and expanded expression.

Ludovic Drean, Product Manager Software at Nikon Europe B.V. comments: “Having received so much valuable feedback from our customers using Capture NX we’ve developed a new generation software package which will satisfy any demanding photographer by offering amazing and effortless results without comprising quality.”

Selection Control Point

Selection Control Point applies enhancements such as Unsharp Mask or D-Lighting to a specific area with just a click of the mouse. The Selection Control Point recognises the areas the user wants to modify and can be used with virtually any image enhancement tool, including D-Lighting, Brightness, Colour, Focus, Correction, and Noise Reduction.

Auto Retouch Brush

To achieve more natural-looking results, Auto Retouch Brush allows the photographer to remove specks of dust from an image and match the surrounding colour and tones. It also has the capability to remove facial blemishes, imperfections on flowers, or other unwanted objects within the frame.

Shadow/Highlight Adjustments

The slider in the Highlight Adjustment section easily adjusts shadowy areas and highlighted areas. Alternatively, shadows and highlights can be altered by directly typing a value into the textbox.


The new software offers four workspaces: Browser, Metadata, Multi-Purpose and Edit, with easy switching between workspaces for window composition. Workspaces can be saved with a palette layout and reopened later. There are also various customisable shortcuts available.

Quick Fix

This is a combination of frequently used tools including Level and Tone Curve, Exposure Compensation, Contrast, Highlight Protection, Shadow Protection and Saturation in a single window. For high efficiency, Quick Fix processes multiple tasks and uses image-processing steps of each function to adjust details.

Simultaneous opening of multiple settings

Multiple image processing settings can be used at the same time to make parallel process adjustments of multiple details.

Label/Rating support (XMP)

The new software supports nine kinds of labeling and five levels of ratings according to XMP, a metadata industry standard. It is compatible with ViewNX, Adobe Bridge, and Windows Vista and capable of filter sorting by label and rating.

In addition to these new features, the Capture NX2 has further enhanced its tried-and-tested features to create Nikon’s most efficient and most effective image processing software to date.

Capture NX2 is compatible with both Windows Vista and XP and Macintosh OS X (version 10.4.11, 10.5.2).

Examples of image enhancements

Colour Control Point

Four Colour Control Points were used to adjust colour and brightness of various elements independently within the frame.

Colour Control Point

Two Colour Control Points were used to enhance colour and brightness of flower petals and the background.

Selection Control Point

D-Lighting brightens the shadowy areas, and Selection Control Point applies the effect only to the bright subjects and their surroundings seen through the opening between foliage and water.

Selection Control Point

Tone Curve adjusts the brightness and contrast, and Selection Control Point applies the effect only to the man and his surroundings.

Auto Retouch Brush

Simply trace using brush tool

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