Remote Grip MC-N10

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Remote grip for videographers

Seamlessly control the Nikon mirrorless camera at the heart of your video rig with this compact and lightweight remote grip.¹ Easy to connect, position, and handle, the grip lets you operate with full control of key settings. Fashion, sports, events, documentary. In a crew, or on your own. The shooting situation might be demanding, but your set-up doesn’t have to be.


See it in action

Whatever your video set-up, you can take comfortable control of the camera at the heart of your rig.


Like the camera is in your hand

Control a diverse list of video functions right from the grip. You can access all your main video settings—including those normally controlled via the camera’s rear buttons, and those you have assigned to dials or Fn buttons.


Perfect in any set-up

Weighing in at approx. 260 g with two AA batteries inserted, the grip is easy to hold and won’t add unnecessary bulk to your kit. The ARRI standard rosette lets you change position quickly, while click-free dials keep things quiet on set.


Ready to work

Got a crucial scene to capture? 12 hours of operation time from two AA batteries means you’ll be ready to shoot for extended periods without needing a battery change. Shoot, re-block, and shoot again—all without stopping rolling.


Reliable connection

This grip connects to your Nikon camera via USB-C, ensuring a stable connection no matter where you shoot. You won’t have to rely on a wireless signal if you’re shooting in a crowded location where radio interference is a problem.

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¹ To operate your camera using the Remote Grip MC-N10, a firmware update may be required.